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  • June 07, 2013

Honouring a Local Safe, Accepting and Inclusive School

New Ontario Government Recognizes Outstanding School in St. Catharines

Ontario is recognizing a team of students, school staff, parents and community partners in St. Catharines for their work in creating a safe, inclusive and accepting school environment.


Members of the Safe and Accepting Schools Team at Denis Morris Catholic High School are receiving a Premier’s Award for Accepting Schools. The award recognizes schools who are leaders in promoting and creating a safe and accepting school environment.


The Denis Morris team received an award for:

  • “Breaking Free”, the school play written by the Grade 12 class, drew attention to mental health issues and promoted students being helpful to each other. Feeder schools were invited to the performances and audience members received wallet-sized crisis hotline cards with information about emergency community support services for teens.
  • The Mental Health and Resiliency Fair was a full-day event that showcased local mental health agencies. Students toured the booths with “passports” and gathered resources and treats, while parents joined for the evening information and Q&A sessions.
  • The Professional Catholic Learning Community promoted bullying prevention initiatives and supports, along with events that were designed to help students develop empathy, understanding and tolerance. The John Howard Society offered sessions on addiction, self-esteem and healthy relationships. The Gay/Straight Alliance addressed equity and inclusion issues through announcements, guest speakers and events. The Aboriginal Circle and Quest-Project Rewind focused on effective communication and mediation.


The Premiers Award for Accepting Schools was presented to Denis Morris Catholic High School at a school assembly on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.


In addition to the awards, Ontario is keeping students safe through the Accepting Schools Act. The Act takes a strong stand against bullying by requiring school boards to create policies for bullying prevention and intervention, issue tougher consequences for bullying, and support students who want to promote understanding and respect for all.


Creating safe, inclusive and accepting schools is part of the new Ontario government’s plan to support student success while securing a brighter future for the people of this province.



  • Between 2004-05 and 2012-13, the government has invested approximately $361 million in safe schools and equity and inclusive education to support the work of school boards and school communities.
  • Every school in Ontario is required to have a Safe and Accepting Schools Team.
  • Denis Morris is one of several schools who won an award – see the list of schools.



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